Questing, Merrily. In Summary.

Hi Friends.

You’re probably here because we’re questing together. If you don’t know about Quest2016, you can find the basics here.

Some days it’s hard to decipher if I like plumbing my own depths to answer these question, or if I like reading the responses of others. Let’s just say I’m leaning more toward reading the writing of others. Holy cows, this is an amazing pack to run with.

Some highlights from the #MissMe prompt – which really seemed to pierce, puncture, and rough up us all. More below.

Read, read, relish, repeat.

Katherine Reynolds, Would they miss me?

You see I’ve already left the planet once.  From what I can piece together from all the information I have, my heart stopped on the surgical table after I was attacked in 1987.  The surgeons familiar with the case during rounds would tell me I was a miracle, that I should have died, that I was a lucky girl, that I was a fighter. Their eyes would shine as they smiled at me while teaching my case to the medical students. The EMT guy who held the artery closed with his finger in the ambulance told me he’d never seen anyone cut as deeply as me survive. He fully expected me to be a DOA case in spite of how hard I’d screamed at him to keep me alive in the ambulance.   So,  death has jumped up at me out of the dark suddenly, and I’ve lived to tell about it.


Stan Stewart, Mus 4 Now. What if?

I don’t want you to miss me when I’m gone.
I want to live the sort of life that invites you
To be the biggest, best you possible.
My one, shining wish is that my life

Would be enough of a beacon to let you
See the brilliance that is your beauty
And your gift to the world.


Podcasts that Keep Me Sane: Importance of Creative Expression by Suzi at Blue Car Painted Green.

Woo, because we all know podcasts are the best!


Author AK Anderson. Missed Me, Missed Me? (this is just the intro, her voice gets EVEN better!)

Dear Seth, You must have really hated Existentialism. I’ve read this prompt five times. I keep imagining you in college, feeling the nausée  for the first time, and desperately wishing you could leap back in time and punch Jean Paul Sartre in the nose.  I don’t know whether you were studying him in French class, or in Philosophy. Philosophy, I think. A Sophomore-level class. No earlier. No later, certainly.  Phil201.  I imagine you curled up on a stained rug being angry at a dead French guy that we can’t ever really know what other people think of us. And there’s nothing we can do about it, even if we did.


The tender-hearted Brenna Layne misses sweet Dijji, and calls it like she sees it. Plus, dinosaurs and other tiny things on Stay Tuned.

She was the one who witnessed (or at least slept through) the creation of everything I wrote.


Suzi Banks Baum on Laundry Line Divine, Missing, again. Quest 2016 with Seth Godin, again.

In closing, I dare you to show up for yourself this season. Take better than usual care of yourself. Sidestep the open maws of guilt and shame that yawn in our direction. Keep on your path towards simple beauty and connection. Be truthful where you haven’t yet found the courage to be so. Open your journals and then write. Let yourself enjoy solitude if that is what is calling you. Sit under the stars with your people and feel the magnitude and the gift of this dark time. And then, send some love to someone else on the planet.

And, please don’t finish this without reading Suzi Banks Baum’s #MissMe from last year.

These are responses to #Quest2016 coordinated by Jeffrey Davis and the amazing folks at Tracking Wonder. This is a smattering of responses to Seth Godin’s questions…“Would they miss you if you were gone? What would have to change for that question to lead to a better answer?” (Oh so strikingly similar to last year…)



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  1. Amazing pack, indeed. These Quest16ers are a thoughtful bunch, and I’m so enjoying learning about their (your) blogs! Thanks so much for linking to my post. I’m honored, and I, too, look forward to seeing what comes next from the group.



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