Dream Into It

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It’s something between a daydream and a walking meditation. At its core, it’s probably wistful mind-less-ness. Walking (or mowing) through the summer days, planning for the future, grasping for more stillness – instead of being fully present.

That’s not entirely true. There is plenty of being present. But, in giving myself this year of trying it out, there is just as much self- and situation-assessment as there is being truly present in the moment. But, since they are all thoughts about how to stay here, how to make the farm work, how to make this life work – since I am not trying to escape anything, I think they count as daydreams. Not frolicking on the beach kinds of daydreams, but perpetual self growth and scenario improvement dreams. (That’s a thing, right?)

I’m not sure if I can call it daydreaming, because in so many ways I am smack dab in the middle of my dream. This farm, and the tending and creating that go along with it – they are exactly where I want to be. There are just a few things that can make it even better. Adjustments. Improvements. Smoothing out.

Here’s the list-ish of daydreamsih things on repeat:

  • More stillness. (To be with animals, to hang out here, to navel gaze, to observe, to write, to (gasp) relax.)
  • More sleep.
  • More groundedness.
  • Slowness.
  • Stillness.
  • More time.
  • More time.
  • More time.

I don’t really daydream of being somewhere else. I think I am just thinking of ways to be here, exactly here, but just in a more present way. The hammock. A mid-day nap in the sun. Maybe I need to practice the actual daydreams, to envision what I want. Instead of phrasing things as less (less moving, less busy, less car. Which, let’s be clear, were the first things that landed on the page here. The things I want to do less of, not the things I daydream of having more of). Less things whizzing around in the brain. More time to focus. I know there are a lot of ways to manage time. But I think I have a solution, and I think it translates to an actual goal.

I daydream of having more time to be present on the farm. I can do that, by literally, sculpting more time to be present on the farm. The goal to make this daydream a place to actually hold still and have daydreams? Work, actively, to generate enough real income from farm-hosting-writing-creating to allow me to step back from my job-job, just a little. Yup, 2016 will be a practice to see if I can translate enough of what I do creatively (making, crafting, hosting, farming) into something that can (financially, because we are not dummies and money is a part of this) supplant 20% (aka, one day a week) of my job-job.

The business as unusual for me is to believe, to put work into, translating the creative things into the business things. I can’t forget that I’ve done this before. For myself, and for others. I’m just out of practice. My daydream to hold still more motivates me to do this translational work. Translating craft into business as unusual. My daydream is to work-work less, and to daydream more. Because, the core of the creative work is having the time to daydream and translate those visions. So, this year ahead I’ll test the waters. And, quite possibly, the year after this I could say Hey! only four days a week of job-job for me! We’ll see how it goes.

What recurring daydream for 2016 inspires you to do business as unusual like never before?

This is question #5 (following a very wordy and not so comprehensible response) to the Quest2016 from champion of the imagination SCOTT BARRY KAUFMAN. He researches and writes about human possibility and believes in the power of imagination and creativity to transform society for the better. (That’s a message I can totally get behind.) Scott is author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined (Basic Books 2013) and co-author of the upcoming book Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind (Perigee Books 2015). He is also host of The Psychology Podcast and co-founder of The Creativity Post.

P.S. I am totally clicking post even though I know this is far from perfect, far from coherent, far from concise or clear. Part of my practice is to just get things out of the brain, and in the world, without being held back by perfection. Even if the message gets skewed. Even if it isn’t clear. It’s all just practice.


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  1. It’s so good to read your writing in this space again, where I first encountered it. Thanks for being such a shining example of bravery and authenticity. You’re blazing a trail, and I’m excited to see where it leads.



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