#365Quote, For You.

I’ve done it! I’ve developed a healthy, positive habit. My #365Quote practice is truly a daily practice, with two months to prove it. I’m craving just a bit more, as the daily quote has become a words + craft meditation that takes on so much more meaning. Sometimes I just have more to say.

So, I’m moving beyond Instagram. My main commitment is still to the #365 quote as a tiny, square image…but what happens if I share more, more? A new project, a Tiny Letter newsletter share each day, with the #365Quote…and any other words that choose to flood out along with it.

Do I need to commit to another creative practice? No. Is this probably a bad idea and a not-optimal use of my time? Yes. Do I want to try something new and see how it goes? Yes!

So, if you want a little bit of Quote + Art delivered to your e-mail box each day, click here to subscribe. And, not really sure what I am talking about? Here’s the archive of the first edition.

Time to go do chores* and enjoy the lightness this giant, sun-lit world offers.

– – –

*”Chore possesses such a negatives connotation. Which in no way how I feel about the tasks around the farm. I propose, instead, “the twice-daily practice of tending to animals”. A little wordy, but it gets the point across.

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