I Did It

I did it. I met my post-every-day-for-a-week challenge.

And now I am tired and want to take a break.

But still, there are some stories that are just so good one cannot resist sharing them into the world. So, here’s a recent post from Becca Deysach at Cultivate Clarity, with a short excerpt below – because we should all be on our way to yes. Cheers!

I am going through an accelerated period of growth. And it’s as expansive as it is awful.

My body never grew quickly as a kid, so I have no idea what growing pains feel like to the bones of people who’ve actually gotten more than five feet off the ground, but the kind of growing pains I’m experiencing feel like a ride through a washing machine—fast, wild, out of control, yet impeccably timed and cleansing all at once.

I’ve lived a pretty self-monitored, self-controlled, goody-goody life for the past 38 years. But recently I made a big, hurtful mistake. I fucked up in a way I’ve never fucked up before and hurt someone very dear to me in the process. And it suuuuuucks.

Read the remainder here.




    1. Becca is the best, her writing and thoughts are superb, and always what I need exactly when I don’t know I am looking for it. She is also the amazing woman who taught the first writing class/workshop I attended in Portland – so she’s a big part of why my love letter writing has been sustained and transformed into other writing. The world is just full of so many amazing people! (like you too!)

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      1. She sounds amazing! And I’m grateful to her for helping your transformation, too. 🙂 I’m following her blog now & looking forward to more of her words.


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