Prompt Inspiration

So, I do this thing. I hear a snippet, a tiny trail toward inspiration, in a conversation, a phone call, a lecture, an eavesdropped moment, an erroneously addressed e-mail. It sparks the something almost nostalgic, like I know there is a story already inside of me, and the seed I just heard just needed to be planted to bring it forth. A kind of knowing. And so what do I do? I e-mail it to myself, and then never do anything with it. So, in part to pull these threads out of me, and to offer them up to the world…I am taking a new oath to share these shiny spindles of inspiration here. Use them, remind me to use them, share them. How fun if we shared our stories, undoubtedly vastly different, spun from these same fibers.

xo! – vanessa

  • “We were neither fish nor fowl.”
  • I am a hayseed
  • “It works great, my father coffees at the local Amaco.”
  • “I had to go to Home Depot. When something like this happens, I have to put my hands in the soil.”
  • I talked with him, and he was like “I believe in abortion, so I’m OK with eating eggs.”
  • Vintage Pyequik ad.
  • Must Do! I must wash my hair NOW. I needed to do it last night but I was tired. I walked an hour on the dusty arroyo trails and I feel like I need to shower and wash my hair. I’m at home. Call me if you need me.
  • Decision fatigue is a serious problem.
  • chickens v chickens
  • What we talk about when we talk about love
  • I tried to go to church, but it was closed

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