365 Continuous Practice

Sometimes a line, a quote, a passage just jumps out at me. This slow message leapt toward my heart, straight out of the car speakers as I drove to Madison on Monday. It resonated. And so, it emerged as my entry for the #365Quote project.

The new year brings about new projects. Mine was to commit to finding and sharing a meaningful (to me) quote each and every day for a year. I started on January 11th, and so far – so good. And, as the universe tends to bring energy toward certain topics, a whirlwind of new #365SomethingOrRather projects have appeared in my Instagram, Facebook and blog feeds. Saundra Goldman posted a simple and brilliant framework for the value of these projects as continuous practice. You can read her sweet thoughts here. (and you should!)

Sometimes the quotes don’t come tumbling toward me. Sometimes I’m in a mood, or looking for a solution, and head out in search of something to frame my mindset or open my perspective. Sometimes I just noodle around for tasty food quotes. On occasion, the snippet enters magically, like through a fortune cookie or set of Scrabble tiles. Either way, it’s fun to look back and recognize where I was that day, based on which set of words were sandwiched between quotation marks and fell into the project. Some emerging themes: failure, the communal nature of food & being present.

I’m less than a month in, but I’ve found the project meaningful in more ways that I expected. It’s a reason, a mandate, to meld some creative time into each day. I’ve become ever more familiar with my old Corona typewriter, now able to predict the “u” will stick and require me to nudge the typebar back to home base. My hands forage for paper, scraps or whole pieces, and tear them into shapes. The whole series is affixed to the office wall, a rib-high border beginning to form around the room; the fruits of my practice. More so, it’s my permission slip to make a mess, do something fun, and remember to get out of serious-Vanessa-who-needs-to-check-things-off-the-to-do-list mode. Sure, I could easily tag the #365quote project onto the heavy-feeling to-do list – but it feels more like something I get to do, almost like my treat for the day, and that is a nice feeling indeed!

So for now, this teeny-tiny practice is a nice action for my soul to rest on amidst a period with a million other unknowns.



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