Unpack Your Heart

Theme Day 9 from the Tracking Wonder Quest 2015. Thanks to visionary Eric Klein, founder of the Wisdom Heart School for flinging some really stinky, motivating shit. Not only did he gift us this prompt, but he tossed in an inspirational dharma essay to really get the juices flowing. See the end of the next post for his full thoughts.

How will you face your shadow bag and stop the stink, so you can bring forth what is best within you in 2015? What can you claim right now?


Stay awhile.

Unpack your bags.

The precious china. The keepsakes. The scraps of love. The journals. The magazine clippings. The letters. The disorganization. The mess. The rings. The words. The blame. The blackness. The shame. The anxiety.

Line them up, like soda cans facing the air rifle. Take stock. Aim.

Then throw each one on the ground, cracked.

Tear out the pages, rip them into shreds.

Throw it in the air, in the fire.

Take stock of the mess. The pile of destruction.

Sweep the pieces, the ashes, the debris, into a pile.

The sweet, dear pieces.

You held onto them, clinging. Not knowing how full you were without them. Enoughness.

And here you are, standing in front of all the things you thought you were. The pieces you thought made you whole. That you thought you needed.

And you are still
standing here, whole.
Now lighter.

Now fuller.

Don’t linger. Claim nothing.

Go or stay
it doesn’t matter.



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