Stop, In Review

I’ll be gentle on myself, but I am behind on my Quest2015 sharing. The highlights are wild and free and true, and it’s a blessing to be part of this amazingly bright, open, honest, sparkling community of fearless Questers. Here are some highlights from the Stop prompt from Charlie Gilkey. Also, I offer you a musical Choose Your Own Adventure to accompany your #Stop reading.

{Stop. Collaborate & Listen}

Let’s start with the home run. John Mertz at Thin Difference hits this one out of the park. (I don’t know why I am making a baseball metaphor, I hate baseball, and I hate baseball metaphors.) He combines three Quest2015 prompts into one post: Your Life Quest: Doing. Stopping. Feeling. Here is a snippet, but do it justice and read the remainder.

We need to stop doing the things that are no longer centered in our purpose. This isn’t about abandoning our responsibilities. It is about finding better owners or really discerning the value of the results. If there is a fortitude we need, it is the willpower to stop, adjust, and renew.

Amen brother, thank you.
. . . . .


The words of A.K. Anderson and her post Stop. Just stop. stopped me in my tracks. Oooh, she is good. So good.

But, in spite of the fact that I can exercise my stillness muscles, I am really shitty at stopping doing things.  My identity is still tangled around the doing-things idol like frayed thread.

. . . . .


What I Am Not Waiting For inspires not just putting down the laundry, but picking up the pen…and dropping the guilt. Thank you Suzi Banks Baum at Laundry Line Divine for sharing these notions.

I am not saying that we are all going to be the next Beyoncé or Elizabeth Gilbert by prioritizing time for creative play. I am not suggesting that the very next thing that flies off your knitting needles will be placed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I am saying that by engaging your creative voice in whatever way calls you, you will begin to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. You will feel more engaged with what inspires you because you will be able to hear what your inner appetite craves. Ideas will bubble up because you have made room for them. Stories will spin from your pen because you have told yourself that this action is necessary to your joy. Your life will gain an authenticity of which you did not know you were capable. And, you will be a better person, parent, sister, daughter, son, husband, brother, aunt, uncle, unicorn, because you have decided that what you have to say is worth saying.

. . . . .

Nancy Seibel shared a wonderful series of ponderances, followed by excellent questions to ask yourself about stopping at Keys to Change. Read more in Stop What You’re Doing. I mean, I don’t struggle with getting distracted (ahem), but I am sure lots of other people do, and maybe this will help. Just kidding.

Getting distracted. It’s easy to start a project that requires being systematic only to get distracted by the next urgent or bright and shiny new things. Or by just doing the work that arises once I’ve developed an opportunity. Some of that’s inevitable, and fun. But I will stop getting distracted to the point of not following through on the things I want to commit myself to.

And then there is poet, artist, optimist Lauren Iuppa Ayer, with some pretty concrete thoughts and realizations on time management, commitment and making way for the creative. This is the good stuff, read the rest in her post Stop.

And how will I make that stopping more than an intention? By committing to taking a close look at everything on my plate within the next 30 days and really discerning what matters most (including empty space for myself) and what needs to be cut (both projects and physical stuff). Quilt making stays. Poetry stays. That November novel, the daily blogging, the five websites, commission work, the two craft fairs and annual solo show… we shall see.


Molly Morrissey asks herself to stop Filing It Away, all the unpublished goodness that she generates that never makes it to the page due to self-censorship. If that’s not a good enough reason to read the entire post, she also uses the word ‘toldjaso’, so you have to read it.

But in my writing, I’ve struggled, over the last several years, getting my thoughts to flow out onto the computer screen in a way that felt un-edited though still relevant. (And yes, this part also could stem from something about the guilt and expectations also handed down through the generations.)

There’s the #Stop prompt in review. So grateful to be part of this amazing pack!



  1. First, thank you for reading my website deeply enough to find that quote. Secondly, did you get to page about chicken calling? I have backed off yesterday’s prompt and am just hanging around with my Questpack reading. Drinking tea. Stopping responding because I am supposed to and just listening a bit. So happy to find you here. xo S



    1. Totally with you Suzi – I’m not writing till at least later today either. Reading, tea-ing, and sharing are my priorities today as well. It’s Solstice after all!!! In my mind more about being receptive than anything else.

      And yes, a deep thank you to you as well, Vanessa, for reading and pondering and sharing.

      I’m heartened to see so much starting in the stopping. Especially the starting of this new and rich community.

      Liked by 1 person


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