Heart Leaps, In Review

The Quest2015 is robust. Spilling over the sides of the tea cup. Walloping like a stormy wave hits the shore. Full and strong. These three posts vibrated, resonated, screamed to be shared. These gems were footnotes in the Goose Wake post, but deserve to truly float on their own. Enjoy.

I hate when I cry. My face gets all blotchy, nose gets snotty, eyes bloodshot. It’s not a pretty sight. I generally curse my tears, consider them a sign of weakness, of a heart too soft, too tender.

But what would my life be like without these harbingers of holiness, these wet heart leaps that signal tiny and great miracles, past memories, and anticipations of times to come?

These tears tell me to pay attention, to be surprised at all that is, and then they remind me to be grateful.

A tree with countless lights and infinitely more memories. A husband who listens while holding me close, and whose heart beats miraculously just inches beneath my cheek. Children grown beyond their school day braces and short hair cuts, one of whom who will becoming a mother herself in six weeks.

Tears, heart leaps, gratitude.  These all swirl together for me until I can’t separate one from the other. Silver, gold, white threads binding themselves together into a puddle of grace and love.  I don’t know how to arrange my life for more of this to happen. But I can begin to reframe my thinking about my seasons of melancholy with their accompanying tears, perhaps giving them more credit than I have in years past. Instead of looking away, perhaps I’ll follow to their tug and notice the gratitude instead.

[The amazing writing and honest thoughts of fellow Quester Ginny Taylor at Women of Wonder. You can read the rest of Heart Leaps, and you should.]


I am yearning for the other type of heart leap, the leap of beauty and awe rather than the leap of anxiety and fear. It’s funny how close fear and awe live in the body. And that’s appropriate really, isn’t it? Awe cracks us open to that which is bigger than us, to the unknown, to the mystery. And we’d better admit there is something fearsome in the mystery or we’ll have other things to worry about.

[From In Love & Awe, by Wendy Willis, on her blog by the same name. Wow, she writes elegantly about heart leaps as heart panics, anxiety. Her words are an inspiring balm.]

And then there is fellow Quester Brenna Layne, on her blog by the same name, who shares sweet words and a charming photo series in her introduction to the Quest2015. No preview here, you must click through to see her joyful image sharing.


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