Make Mine Messy

The second Quest2015 prompt is brought to us by “epiphany addict, media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker, and TV personality” Jason Silva.

In what ways might you artfully curate your life in 2015 to occasion serendipity, creativity and awe? Ontological designing says: We design our world and the world designs us back. What are the linguistic and creative choices you can make in 2015 that will in turn act back upon you and transform you?

Make Mine Messy

if we “design our world and the world designs us back”
make mine messy.
throw open the drawers
unhinge closets and cabinets
untuck the folders and boxes
dump the contents into the middle of the room
in teetering piles
onto the walls
with thumbtacks and pushpins and blue masking tape

paint wide words on plaster with black ink
and the calligraphy brush from the monastery

mount hefty shelves of hundred year old joists,
bones reclaimed from the skeleton of this house,
to hold tokens, found, thread, trash, scraps, beloved, feathers

chipped glass jars for papery love notes to myself,
to bear witness

how do you curate ephemera?
and marginalia.
an exhibit of a life in small pieces?

i will sit in the middle of my mess
contented, mind whirring
and ticking.
how is it serendipity when i’ve been seeking this all along?
#‎awe‬ #quest2015


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