A Detour is Just a Different Way Home

Welcome Friends. We’re taking a detour. Because that’s what happens sometimes. The road is closed, you read the map wrong, the weather sours, construction. Unexpected, unplanned. That detour always leads to a new route, an unexpected path, a bypass. New scenery, navigational challenges and unfamiliar territory meet you at the horizon, but the only appropriate movement is forward. Because there is, after all, still a destination.

So, get out the map! I am re-routing on a new mission. A Quest. Specifically, Quest2015: a visioning adventure to inspire and manifest the best, creative, soul-on-fire-inspired year ahead in 2015. And, of course, not alone. The quest is undertaken in the good company of warm, bright, searching souls from across the globe. We are all embarking on this same journey under the inspiration and “provocative guidance” of twelve creative visionaries. (Oh, the journey is for clarity, organization, presence, wonder and creation in the year ahead). We are not a self-assembled group. The trappings of organization are thanks to the good people at Tracking Wonder.

I’m changing re-visioning my mission. No more “just write food”. I’ll serve up food on the other site, but this home is for a pint of navel gazing, a dollop of wondering, a pound of wandering, a pile of authenticity and a lot of spills. In fact, you know that phrase about not wanting to see how sausage is made…you may be looking at a guided tour of the sausage factory. So…stay tuned, or tune out – that I will leave up to you.

As Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder closed his welcome e-mail to us Questers…

“Here’s to a December full of light and a 2015 full of possibility, creative action, and extraordinary alliances!”




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